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Laura Duncan, Attorney at Law

Attorney Laura Duncan is licensed to practice law in Maryland and the District of Columbia and is a member of the Bar Association of Montgomery County, Maryland, and the Bar Association of Frederick County, Maryland, Inc.  She served in 2016-2017 as a Fellow in the Bar Association of Montgomery County's Leadership Development Academy and has practiced law in Maryland since 2014.  She also practiced law in DC during law school, representing twelve UDC clinic clients from 2012-2013.  Laura is a resident of Frederick County, having graduated from Walkersville High & Hood College.

Laura teaches legal courses at Hood College and Frederick Community College and is Co-Chair of the ADR & Collaborative Law Section of the

Bar Association of Montgomery County, Maryland.  

Diverse Experience

We serve a diverse clientele and are able to counsel Spanish-speaking clients. Ms. Duncan brings her business acumen and knowledge of

accounting and tax concepts to the negotiating table.  

Ms. Duncan is Child Counsel and Collaboratively trained, and she is one

of a network of collaborative professionals serving clients who prefer to negotiate and settle their family matters outside of a courtroom and the

public record to maintain confidentiality and civility.  A Collaborative

case does not require the parties to participate in a trial by Judge.

My mission is to provide effective legal representation for Frederick County residents as well as personal service to our clients.

The guiding principle of my practice is respect for the client and their goals.  I will counsel and educate each client about their legal rights and options to empower clients in making informed decisions, decisions which impact their lives in significant ways and shape the future of their families.


All client matters will be handled in a professional manner, and I regularly communicate with current clients.





Knowledge of Current Law

We perform diligent legal research in crafting our arguments to the court and work closely with our clients because we are committed to pursuing individual client goals.

Client Testimonials

"Laura is a person who cares about people and I feel lucky to have encountered such a knowledgeable, family-centered individual to help me think these important details through."