Representation that incorporates

the needs of your child.



Laura Duncan practices Child Advocacy and Family Law at the law firm of Fait & DiLima, LLP and Criminal Defense for the District Court of Maryland's Appointed Attorneys Program.  Laura provides Estate Planning for clients, serving Frederick, Carroll and Montgomery Counties.

Ms. Duncan graduated from Hood College with a Degree in Business Management in 2007, she earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Hood in 2009. 

In her first year of law school, she worked as a legal intern for Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) in Washington, D.C.  Laura then worked as a Student Attorney in the UDC Low Income Taxpayer Clinic, where she represented ten clients, and in the UDC Juvenile and Special Education Legal Clinic, representing minors.  She began interning with William Poffenbarger and Chad Weddle in Frederick, Maryland in February 2013. 

Laura worked at the Mississippi Center for Justice in Biloxi, Mississippi over spring break 2013, completing heir title work for the Katrina housing track.  

Ms. Duncan graduated from the University

of the District of Columbia (UDC) David A.

Clarke School of Law in Washington, D.C.

in 2013.  She joined Fait & DiLima, LLP in

early 2018 and is a Collaborative Attorney licensed to practice in Maryland and the

District of Columbia. 


Attorney Duncan represents criminal defendants at their initial appearance before a District Court Commissioner at the Frederick County Detention Center to determine their eligibility for pre-trial release on personal recognizance or release on bond.  She counsels each client on their Constitutional rights and advocates for a reasonable bail.

Representing clients in Child Advocacy, Divorce,

preparation of wills, and other legal matters.


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